Owen Parker is the debut feature film from Director | Writer | Producer Keiran Flynn, Writer | Actor | Producer Amanda Hennessy and Producer Len Horsey. Owen Parker is a dark psychological drama about a dysfunctional family, adapted from the stage play by Bailey Lock which debuted at the 24:7 Theatre Festival (Manchester, UK). The film stars Philip Broadbent as Owen Parker, Amanda Hennessy as Marilyn Richards, Paul Danby as Frank Parker and Terry Naylor as Bert Parker.


Owen Parker is his own man. Owen Parker is Marilyn’s man.

Suffering from chronic amnesia, Owen accompanies his fiancé, Marilyn, to visit his father, Bert, and brother, Frank, in their ramshackle mansion. He desperately needs to recover his past: who he is and where he came from…

But his past hides many secrets. Bert wants to protect Owen from who he was before; he actively discourages Owen from prying into the misplaced decades of his life. For Frank, Owen’s return gouges open old wounds.

Over the course of the weekend, Owen keeps a diary, penning new memories of his life with Marilyn. Who is Owen Parker? He is who Marilyn says he is.